Avoiding Boredom at What Cost?  5 Questions to Ask.

No one wants to be bored when they exercise.  The more bored you are the less likely you are to stick to the plan.  With so much benefit from exercise, it seems to make sense to create workout experiences that motivate, stimulate, and avoid boredom.

Is the desire to avoid boredom costing you too much?  Here are 5 questions to ask yourself.
  1. Are you willing to do exercises that are more fun instead of the ones that are better for you?
  2. Are you willing the vary your workouts as to keep you entertained if that amount of variation means you do not progress at the ideal pace you could?
  3. Are you willing to “mix things up” so much to keep you motivated if it means you will not see as much progress as you could?
  4. Are you willing to engage in a “class routine” where everyone does the same thing to keep you motivated if it means some to most of the exercises are not best for you?  Or might be dangerous for you?  Or the class progresses at a pace that is not ideal for you?
  5. Are you willing to do the most fun thing if it means there are aspects of your health you will never improve?

While there is always room to incorporate the most fun and entertaining exercise, that type of exercise should never make up the majority of your exercise plan.  Think of it like desert.  There is place for ice cream.  Ice cream should never replace the main meal though.   Try to make most of your exercise experience be made of what is best for you, with what is fun for you sprinkled in.