When it comes to health, pain, and fitness…

…people will believe anything. Here is a list of the stuff I wish people would stop believing immediately. It is inspired by what I continue seeing people post and it is no coincidence that clients that see me with pain and movement issues have been told, and tired these things before as well.  

You’ll notice everything on the list makes it seem like the explanations are so simple. That sets you up to expect a solution just as simple. Everything on the list is really easy to post about, make memes about, or do a quick video about. They are exactly the kind of thing that people latch on to because they require so little effort to change. People love that. Maybe that’s why so many people continue to buy into it so much.

 Here’s your quick, incomplete list of things to stop believing:

  • “Chest up and out” will not cure your pain.
    • This includes back pain, neck pain, arm, and hand numbness or tingling.
  • You do not need to suck your belly button to your spine to “fix” anything. That is not the magic thing that will eliminate your pain. 
  • Posture is NOT a thing that causes pain. Stop blaming all sorts of unwanted issues on posture. There is no, 1 correct posture. This goes for sitting, standing, walking, etc.
  • Stretching won’t fix your pain and your tightness is not the cause of your pain.
    • Stop stretching, unless you just like doing it. There are so many other things you can spend your time doing that are so much more beneficial. 
  • You didn’t move wrong and that’s why you hurt your back (neck, knee, etc).  
  • You didn’t pick something up wrong, sleep wrong, or twist wrong.
  • There is almost a 0% chance your pain or limited function is due to something being jammed.  
  • “Text neck” is not real and is NOT the cause of your pain.

I wish it were all that simple too. 

“Get rid of your shoulder pain with this 1 quick fix!” Yeah, right. Save yourself the time, money, and energy and skip the outdated explanations for why you hurt.



Jason M Weitzner, MS

Certified Medical Exercise Specialist,

Certified Muscle System Specialist

Co-Owner of Symmetry Exercise Clinic in Naples, FL

1750 J&C Blvd. Suite #10, Naples, FL 34109