Being in pain is a big deal.  Sometimes it’s not that bad but sometimes it’s terrible and debilitating.  If you don’t want surgery, medication or injections, and nothing else you’ve tried has helped, read on.  Luckily there is an entirely unique way to look at things.

The way you feel (pain, tightness, etc., or lack thereof) is connected to your movement quality.  The higher the quality, the better your body moves and feels.  The lower the quality, the worse you move and feel.  Have you ever seen someone in pain move freely and with ease?  Have you ever seen someone that feels great that can’t move well?  The answers are No and No.

Your Muscle System is the only thing in your body that controls when and how you move, or not move.  It is the only thing that actively changes, instant by instant in response to the forces placed on your body.  Take a moment to think about how quickly the demands (forces) on your body change.  They change from sitting to standing; every time you pick something up or put it down; every time you move any part of you; every time you gingerly stroll down the road or exercise with vigor.  In other words, the forces on your body change at virtually every moment.

When those forces change, the only part of your entire body that changes in response to meet those forces is your Muscle System.  Your bones don’t stiffen up when you land from jumping.  Your tendons don’t first tighten when you pick up something heavy.  Your fascia, tendons and skin don’t first change their material in response to the changes placed on your body.  No, only your muscles generate more or less strength (tension) in response.  That is why it is so important that the system functions at a high enough quality… so your body can best handle the forces it experiences.  What do you think would happen if the quality of your Muscle System decreased?  What do you think would happen if your muscles could not respond to the forces placed on your body?  How do you think you would move?  How do you think you would feel?

When your Muscle System quality gets worse your body’s ability to handle the forces placed on it diminishes.  This means it is more stressful to your body.  You will not be able to move as well.  You may lose mobility/range of motion and strength.  You may feel pain in certain positions and motions.  You may not be able to participate in activities you enjoy because of the pain and loss of movement.  If your muscles are unable to handle the force they should, what parts of you do think end up taking that extra force?  Do you think it is more or less stressful on your entire system if your body can’t handle forces the way it should?  If your entire body (system) is experiencing more stress how do you think it will move?  How do you think it will feel?

What could you do when you notice you can’t move as well as you want?  Or when you hurt in certain positions or with certain movements?   You can either choose a strategy which focuses on strictly improving the way you feel in the areas that hurt.  These are strategies like pain medication and injections or strategies that place all the focus on the location of the pain and do things like rubbing or stretching the parts that hurt.  Or, you can choose a strategy that acknowledges the relationship between how well your body can move (movement quality)/tolerate forces and the way it feels.  That’s what a Certified Muscle System Specialist does. muscle system specialist

By improving the Muscle System, the expectation is not only to move better, thus feel better, it also is to have your body be better prepared to handle the forces it experiences.  The better your body can handle forces, the more you can ask of your body and the better prepared it will be when you do all the physical things you enjoy.