We hear it from our clients and we all read it everywhere on social media, “If you want to stop hurting strengthen the muscles around the joint“, “Strengthen your glutes“, and “Strengthen your core.” If it was that easy everyone would recover in no time flat and we would all be pain-free!

Doctors still say it.

Therapists still say it.

Coaches and athletes still say it.

How can it not be true? (it’s not)

Think about this:

  • There are people stronger than you who are in more pain than you.
  • There are people weaker than you who are in less pain than you.
  • When you were in pain you were likely not the weakest you had been.
  • When you were not in pain you were likely not the strongest you had been.
  • How do we make sense of people in pain who are big and strong?
  • How come many people in pain try to get stronger and it hurts more?
  • How come many people in pain try to get stronger and it doesn’t help?
  • How much stronger does one need to be to no longer be in pain?

No one is saying strength isn’t good and beneficial. What we are saying is that how strong you are does not explain why you do or do not have pain and simply lifting heavier weights is not the best strategy. We need another way to look at things. Here’s how we see it:  https://symmetryexerciseclinic.com/mss_explanation/