Guards, Gate KeepersWhen we are in pain or need to recover from an injury or surgery, we need help.  The thing is, the best, or most appropriate help we need is not always the easiest to come by.  Sometimes it is quite hard.

Some paths to professionals are more easily accessible than others.  Some are cleared for you while others are blocked.  Some are pushed on us and some are kept away from us.  That phenomenon may, at least in part, explain why most people find me after not finding success from multiple other options.

Insurance companies firmly hold the number 1 position when it comes to influence.  Your insurance company simply will not direct you to anyone out of network.  Friends and family have profound influences over directing people to professionals.  They send you to who they had good experiences with.  While that is understandable, it does not make all the sense on the world.  What you want is the right person to help you with your specific situation.  Not necessarily someone that was right for someone else’s situation.

Communities are another.  Communities try to offer as much as they can to make living there more attractive, valuable, and comfortable.  In addition to restaurants, tennis courts, pickleball courts, and fitness centers, more of them are now offering their own in-house health services. If you have back pain, had a hip surgery and your physical therapy sessions are over; if you are have trouble sitting for too long, or have a shoulder issue, you are going to be directed to their providers.  Whoever secured the contract to be there will provide your service.

The point here is that you need to be your own advocate for your own health. You need to do your own homework.  You need to find out the differences between the types of services offered.  Not just who someone else liked or who is most convenient or covered by insurance.  Most treatments options are incredibly similar.  Most people try 2 or 3 versions of the same thing before finding looking elsewhere. Find out about the thought process behind the treatment, not just if someone else was successful with it.

Here is an overview of how a Certified Muscle System Specialist thinks.