15 Reasons People Think A Certified Muscle System Specialist Is Not What They Need:

Having the wrong idea can delay you from getting better. Here is a list of things people have cited as reasons why they think seeing a Certified Muscle System Specialist won’t help them.  

  1. It’s a bone problem
  2. It’s a joint problem
  3. It’s a nerve problem
  4. It’s a tendon problem
  5. It’s a ligament problem
  6. The problem is my fascia
  7. I’m bone on bone
  8. I need a joint replacement
  9. I already went through physical therapy
  10. It’s not a muscle problem
  11. My alignment is bad
  12. The pain keeps moving
  13. I have a bone spur
  14. I’ve had the pain/problem for years
  15. My most trusted physicians have not been able to figure out the problem

These beliefs affect people differently. They delay some from seeking treatment while they completely stop others. That may be because the connection between the muscle system and the pain or movement issues people feel is not intuitive.  

Here are 3 few key points that might make someone more apt to see a Certified Muscle System Specialist.
  1. A decrease in muscle system quality can cause a myriad of unwanted sensations anywhere in the body. Meaning, as your muscle system quality declines, you may hurt and or have movement issues anywhere.
  2. Certain types of sensations do not always represent specific problems. Meaning what you may interpret as “bone pain” doesn’t mean they’re necessarily is a bone issue. It may very well be a muscle system issue. The same goes for tendon, ligament, nerve, and other pain types.
  3. Structural issues often do not correlate with pain or movement issues. Muscle system quality may be the key. A slipped disk, herniated disk, arthritis, “misaligned bones”, etc very often are not the cause of your pain or movement issues.

Seeing a Certified Muscle System Specialist may be exactly what you need.



Jason M Weitzner, MS

Certified Medical Exercise Specialist,

Certified Muscle System Specialist

Co-Owner of Symmetry Exercise Clinic in Naples, FL

1750 J&C Blvd. Suite #10, Naples, FL 34109